At Last

My long drawn-out process of writing, editing, proofing, and publishing my books is now complete. The Kindle and Kobo versions were published in the first few days of May, but the printed versions took a little longer. This afternoon, I hit the button on Createspace to approve my “proof” books. This made them available on the Createspace site and set up the countdown to have them available on Amazon. Apparently, this should take 3-5 business days.

If you decide to buy one, or both, of my books, you’ll be finding out a lot more about me than you may wish to know. As a consequence, please accept my apologies in advance for the few profanities that I felt constrained to retain, as well as the unavoidable references to feral living that occur from time to time. When you live in the woods—on and off—for six months, you tend towards the basics of living as opposed to the fripperies.

Having resolved never to hike again, I am naturally planning another hike, in July, on the John Muir Trail. I will be recording the journey and plan to write and publish the story of this hike when I return. In the interim, however, I am finishing a third Appalachian Trail book, Hiking the Appalachian Trail is Easy: Especially When You’ve Never Hiked Before. This one will be FREE and available as a Kindle book. If you’d like a copy, please click here and sign up for my email list. When the book is ready, you’ll be the first to know.


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