Bloody tests!!

I promised I wouldn’t give you a daily bulletin, but thought I should at least let everybody know where I am with the tests that I had done last week, particularly as I was expecting the final results yesterday.

The MRI revealed that the shin didn’t have a stress fracture, nor was there any damage to the surrounding tissue, other than a little fluid. This was good news, as I believe that the doctor suspected a stress fracture.

Despite assuring me that the cellulitis was being correctly treated by the foul-smelling antibiotics I’ve been taking, she also sent me for several blood tests, most of which have come back with excellent results. The only outstanding result is the blood culture, which determines whether or not the infection has entered the blood stream. As you’d imagine, this is something of a game-changer and, as I say, I had expected that the result would be with me on Monday. As a consequence, the fact that I still don’t have the result is a little concerning, as I can’t fully commit to my return on Thursday until that comes through as positively as the others.

I feel fine and went for a two mile walk yesterday to loosen my leg muscles a little; sitting on the couch, icing my leg for three days was starting to get a bit old, so I’m glad I was able to move at last.

As soon as I get the final result, I’ll be posting again, so please keep me in your prayers or, if you’re not that way inclined, please keep your fingers crossed for me.


6 thoughts on “Bloody tests!!”

  1. Might Blue
    Prayers for a great result and heading back to the trail.
    Keep us updated! Great news overall!

    1. So sorry for your health issues, I just learned about, must have missed a previous communication.You are in my every day prayers,everything will be as God delivers and we can surely trust in Him. MArilyn Kowak, Holmes Beach, Fl.

  2. I think you’ll be fine! My experience with such things is that usually bad news travels fast. At any rate, still hoping for the all clear for you, so we can get back to living vicariously through you and your adventure! Good luck with everything, Valrico, Fl is rooting for you!

  3. Looking for a great finish for you here in New Port Richey Florida! sounds like everything is progressing on the right path!!!

  4. Steve, so glad to hear your news,my experience of medic’s generally makes me very cynical. I do sincerely hope all is well and you must be extra careful because you are pushing yourself, I do understand why this is your TEST and you obviously haven’t changed much. So good luck and safe journeying. Norman K

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