Leavin’ on a jet plane (part 2)

I couldn’t tell you if it was the prayers or the crossed fingers, but the result of the blood culture came back today and I’ve been given the all clear to return to the Trail tomorrow.

To be frank, the longer the waiting went on, the more concerned I was that something was going on. I guess I just need to be a little more patient to allow nature to work its course.

I’ve used the days at home to reconsider my pack and have dropped several items that I either didn’t use or chose not to use. I’ve also left out my winter clothes and bought a new water filtering system, as well as two new shirts that will be more appropriate for the summer. Given that hiking and camping were entirely new to me, most of my choices have worked out fairly well but, as with any venture, those choices can be improved and I hope that my pack will now be a little lighter and less crammed with unnecessary items.

Food is going to be an ongoing issue and I will be incorporating more pasta and rice into my diet, as well as more snacks in between meals. The weight loss has been a little startling, even to me, while I have had the opportunity to see my ribs for the first time in about 30 years, so that was nice.

When I was on the Trail, I told several people that I didn’t think I could come back if I spent several days back in “civilization,” yet I am ready to go back and complete what I started. The motivation hasn’t gone away and, when I came home last week, I was strongly aware that I’d always regret it if I didn’t at least try to complete the hike. This feeling has grown throughout my convalescence and I’m ready to resume my adventure. There will be a new set of characters and a new set of challenges, but I’d always be wondering what they might have been had I quit.

Thanks again to all who encouraged me and all who were concerned about me. It has been a privilege to be the recipient of so much love, prayers and affection, as well as innumerable crossed fingers.

Lastly, thanks as ever to my extraordinary wife, Diane, for her stoic response to everything that has happened on the hike. She remains as committed as I am to the ultimate success of this challenge and is the reason that I am able to return in such high spirits.

I’ve had my intermission, now let’s get on to the main feature!!


10 thoughts on “Leavin’ on a jet plane (part 2)”

  1. Yippee! So glad to hear the news. I work with young kids trying to instill commitment, dedication and a strong work ethic. Perhaps when you return we could have you arrange to speak to them about your experiences, trials and tribulations. They are swimmers in New Tampa that for the most part struggle with these attributes.

    1. Ken, You probably know that I am back from the AT and have been trying to write a book about my experiences. Re-reading my blog has been part of this process and I came across this comment from you today regarding the young kids who you work with. I have several presentations that I’ve given and would be honored to tailor one to inspire youngsters.
      Please feel free to call me on 941-524-9410 to discuss further if you’d still like me to do it.
      Steve Adams

  2. Guess that means you have heeded the advice on wicking?!
    I don’t think you need to be to concerned about your weight – it will gravitate to a level where there is a direct relationship between a much higher level of fitness and a quicker metabolism.
    When you are on the trail rice, beans and pasta, and other carbs and when off trail cleaning clothes and in motels then plenty of veggies and proteins and junk!
    Easy eh?!
    Ever onwards big guy, and be careful – remember to avoid tree roots and rocks, as best you can, when going down hill!
    Beautiful !

  3. It was bittersweet enjoying time with you at the Exchange Club this morning – happy to hear your tails of the Trail, and sad to know that you took a bit of set back in your planning. But, as we would expect from you, you are ready to charge on. Thanks for sharing, and we look forward to the next chapter(s)!!

  4. Steve, it was GREAT seeing you today and keep up the walk, we are praying for strength and cannot wait to hear what’s coming next! Love reading your blogs and definitely waiting on the book when you finish! Keep trucking!

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